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Project Coordinator

Creating Speakers’Avenue Experience, Together!

Speakers ’Avenue Film School is looking for someone ready to contribute to an international filmmaking directing course.

Company overview:

Speakers’ Avenue is an experienced and creative team — academic teachers, filmmakers: directors, screenwriters, editors, producers, visual effects specialists; psychologists and educators — all experts in their respective fields. 

We want to share our expertise and knowledge, furthering a collaboration in teaching, learning and self-development.

The areas of our activities include:
  • innovative, international education systems
  • organization of creative work
  • creative work with both students and top-level professionals from the world of film
  • organization and film production in the American system.
Creating Speakers'Avenue Experience Together

Speakers ’Avenue Film School is looking for someone ready to contribute to an international filmmaking directing course.

The course aims to guide students through the most important filmmaking issues/processes from the director's side: the theory, observing the work of other creators on film sets and in practical/creative situations, project work. 

The practice will cover the area of camera exercises and rehearsals as well creation of own films that will end with their publication during a public screening in Warsaw.

Position Summary

We are looking for an open-minded person who is not only creative and unique, but well-organized. 

Experience with our current projects is not that crucial, but your personality is.

Main tasks:
  • communication with foreign lecturers from the film industry
  • organizing the work of students and lecturers during the courses
  • implementing innovative adult education systems
  • social media marketing activities related to school activities
Essential Functions:
  • English
  • negotiation skills
  • interest in social media
  • interest in artistic (film and other) activities, creative processes
  • interest in educational or other non-profit activities, willingness to share knowledge with the world
  • establish a positive and professional working relationship with all Speakers ’Avenue staff, media vendors, partner agencies and clients 
  • an additional, great advantage will be the experience of a longer stay outside Poland.
We start cooperation with a free internship, we quickly switch to another form of employment with someone who turns out to be professional Speakers.

Please send your application to: info@speakersavenue.com, additional information at: 514-735-905

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